Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well my trip to New Jersey/New York was a great time. I made it home safe and sound Sunday night around 10:30PM. The house was empty and extremely quiet, it was honestly nice. I was able to settle back in and catch up on some things before all of the kids made it back on Monday.

It was sooooo nice to see Casey. I knew I missed him, but it really hit me when I got there, and it was so sad when I had to leave. I went with the drummer, Chad, and his girlfriend Ashleigh. Chad was able to come home for a couple of days because he was done recording. When we arrived we took a taxi to Penn Station, then 2 trains to New Jersey. I could never do that on a daily basis, it was CRAZY!! I had been there once before but it was 11 years ago so I didn't remember the craziness. We went to the studio where I was able to meet all of the people they had been working with over the past months, and see Casey in action. Everyone was so nice and it was such an interesting experience.

All we did the first couple of days is hang around the studio, visit a local mall, and hang out at the hotel. For some strange reason everything shuts down in New Jersey on Sundays except the movie theatre so we saved Sunday for NYC. We walked around for hours, ate lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, and visited the famous Magnolia Bakery(Katie Holmes gets her cupcakes there). They were OK but nothing to walk hours for. There was a line out of the door. There was a lady letting so many in at one time. You grabbed your box, picked your cupcakes, paid, and then were shoved out the door so the next group could come in. After Magnolia it was time to go so we caught a cab and headed for the airport. Did I mention we flew first class? It was great. Not only did we board first, we got free drinks, A full meal, dessert, nuts, and a large seat with plenty of arm room. It was fabulous!!!

The kids are all home now and feeling a little better. Sam still sounds nasty and him and Ethan are still on meds and breathing treatments, but they are getting better everyday. I hope you all had a safe and germ free weekend, time for bed, goodnight!!


Charity Donovan said...

So glad you had a good time & made it home safe! Can't wait to hear the new record!!! Hope those babies are feeling 100% soon! Huuuuggggs!

Misty said...

What a nice trip! It is so nice to get away! Glad you got back safe & I do hope the babies are feeling ALOT better now!

Moni Graf said...

How fun! I bet it was awesome seeing your hubby in action. Let us know when the record is out. Now it's back to the grind....