Monday, June 22, 2009


Check out CAVO's "Let It Go" on the Transformers 2 Soundtrack!! Watch their "Champagne" video below.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

1 Year Checkup

Last Thursday, Colin came down with a fever. I knew it would only be a matter of time before they all started dropping like flies. By Monday Cooper was running a fever and I was up all night Monday into Tuesday with Ethan who was running 102.4, NO FUN, poor babies. Thankfully, we had their 1 year checkup Tuesday. Not to my surprise they both had ear infections, again, in addition to whatever virus they caught from big brother. It is now Saturday and Sam has been running a fever now for 2 days and Ethan and Coop's cough have now turned into croup:( Addie is holding strong as always, but I think it's well on the way. I pray we are almost done with this junk, they are miserable.

The checkup went great. Okay, so not great, they all SCREAMED the entire time. It was clear they were feeling terrible and it doesn't help that it was smack dab in the middle of nap time. My mother and I just kept passing them around and shoveling snacks into their mouths. Other than the CRAZINESS, they are all doing fabulous. No real issues to report. All had their immunizations except Ethan because of his high fever. He will go back for an ear recheck , shots, and be tested for an egg allergy in 2 weeks. He tried eggs last week and his whole face broke out into hives.

Sam is still on the pulmicort for the prevention of wheezing, has 8 teeth, and weighed 21.13
Cooper has 10 teeth, 2 of which are molars that I had no clue were through, and weighed 22.1
Ethan will have to be re circumcised, poor boy, has 8 teeth, and weighed 23.8
Addie has 6 teeth, no issues, and weighed 21.6

Here are a few shots from the Docs office, enjoy!!!
Cooper, Ethan, Addie and Sam

Cooper, Ethan, Addie and Sam




A very tired Addie

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1st Birthday Bash, FINALLY!!

So I am clearly extremely behind, but I am FINALLY getting this Birthday post done. The party was fun, hectic, and over waaaaay to fast. We had it at my parents house, mine is barely big enough for the 7 of us. The theme was primary polka dots, I love polka dots and it was very gender neutral.
First, the invitation. I searched FOREVER trying to find a invitation for quads without much luck. I came across this website, Amy's Card Creations, and she was able to make it work.

I found this great website for polka dot birthdays where I ordered a banner. If you are looking for ANYTHING polka dot visit or Her name is Sally and she has a blog and a store.
As far as the rest of the decorations, I got the table covers from target and my mother in law made the center pieces. I found little tin pails for like $1.00 a piece and she painted them with polka dots, I loved them!!

The cake was awesome!! We had 1 big cake and 4 tiny. One of the baby cakes kind of took a hit from the corner of the box, but it didn't make much difference once you see the end product.

We attempted to get group shots of the 4, but seriously, now that they are mobile it is a joke. We got them each their own embroidered chair. We tried to have them sit in them during presents, that was funny. They just kept tumbling out of them one after another. Casey, Colin and I opened all of the loot and boy are they SPOILED!!!! Everyone was so generous, I am horrible and am yet to send out my thank yous. I am sorry for the delay, stop yelling at me mom, i can hear you.
Sam, Addie, Cooper and Ethan





Casey and Colin opening presents

The cake was an interesting experience. They all reacted pretty differently. Sam was MAD!!! He wanted nothing to do with anything or anyone, not a great nap that day. Ethan and Addie were both pretty quiet, just looking around trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Cooper, oh Cooper. He is an awesome eater. He ate almost half of his cake and LOVED it as you will see below.


Sam, after smearing cake all over his head.





Cooper showing everyone how big he is.

The group

In case anyone would like to know, I had the boys shirts made by a woman on You can check her out here. I regret not getting one for Addie. I had it in my head that she needed to wear a dress so i bought her one at target.

At the end of a very long and tiring day, we loaded the burb up and headed home. It was over before I could really enjoy myself, but I guess it wasn't really about me. Here is a final shot of each one ready to go home and hit the sac. Thanks to all who came to celebrate, I promise you will get a thank you very soon!!!


A much happier Sam



Monday, June 1, 2009

Pointfest 2009

I am so far behind that I don't know where to start.

On Saturday, May 23rd, Casey played pointfest here in St. Louis. I brought Colin to watch him for the first time. He was sooooo funny singing all of CAVO's songs. He thought daddy was so cool up on that stage and every song he heard he would say, " I know that song mommy" and get so excited and start singing. He did get a little crabby with the heat and lack of afternoon nap, but all in all he was a pretty good boy. Here are a few shots from the event.

Colin and Daddy(no that is not his bus)

Chad the drummer

Colin and Daddy(outside their van)

Colin and Brian, the Bass Player

Colin hanging backstage

Daddy rocking out
The boys signing autographs

I still have a lot to catch up on so bear with me. Coming soon....... babies 1st birthday party, our trip to the zoo and my company picnic.