Tuesday, January 27, 2009

8 Months and Sitting!!

Happy 8 months to my beautiful babies. Wow has it flown by. Everyone is doing great, other than the winter illnesses. Coop and Ethan each have 2 teeth, still waiting on Sam and Addie's to break through. Each and every one of them have hit there developmental milestone's to date and are, as of this week, sitting. Ethan and Addie can sit independently for minutes at a time and Sam and Coop make it anywhere from a couple of seconds to MAYBE a minute. They get so excited they tip over. Here are a few shots from today SITTING, yeah!!!!!!!!!!






Evan said...

Aww, cute! Evan has the same bib as Etan! Hope to see you guys soon!

Moni Graf said...

Man you two make cute kids! Gotta love those dimples....


King Quads said...

So stinking cute.

Chrissie said...

Your babies are adorable. I'm new here and stumbled onto the page. I only have one grandchildren right now, but he's 4yo. I sure do miss having a baby around.