Monday, March 30, 2009

A Date With Colin!!

A couple of weeks ago, Casey and I were able to get some much needed 1 on 1 time with Colin. The plan was to take him to his favorite mall to play glow in the dark mini golf, pick out his new Easter basket and take him to a park to play. Unfortunately he was having an off day and refused to listen to anything we said, so after a round of mini golf it was home for a nap. I did manage to get some good shots. Hopefully we have better luck next time!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

CAVO Single Released!!!

Joe(Manager), Chris, Casey, Chad, Brian, and Scott(Manager)

For those of you who do not know, my husband is in the band CAVO and is signed to Warner Brothers. Yesterday was a big day for them here in St. Louis. Their first major label single was released on our local radio station 105.7 the point. It will be released nationally on April 14th and the full length album will be out sometime in June. Things are crazy for them right now as they all have families and will be hitting the road again very soon. Please pray for them. Pray that they are safe while traveling and that it takes off and they get the recognition they have worked so hard for. Their website is temporarily down but should be up in about a week or so. If you are on Facebook or Myspace, you can also find them there. Be listening soon for the new single "Champagne" on a station near you!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Update and a Few Pics!!

Well it's been a while, I know, not a surprise. The Walker's have had quite a week!! Last Saturday morning , Cooper threw up his breakfast. It was not really that unusual until he threw up his lunch. I began to wonder if he could have gotten sick but it made no sense, we don't take the kids out unless they have to go to the Doctor and I didn't think Colin brought anything home because he was fine. Well the rest of the evening was fine and I forgot about it until I went to get little miss Addie up the next morning and she was gagging. I thought, here we go!! Sure enough, she started vomiting and Sam and Ethan started the next day. By Monday all 4 babies were vomiting and had diarrhea. HORRIBLE!!!!!! The worst 10 days, yes 10 days, to date. If that wasn't enough, anyone that came into my house caught it. My mom, dad, mother in law, father in law, sister, 2 brother in laws, and of course Casey and I. The only one who managed to escape it was Colin. I am sure it had nothing to do with his crazy, antibacterial hand sanitizing mother, yes I was and still am a CRAZY germaphobe(sp). So today is day 11 and as of now, it's only 9:30, we are diarrhea free!! I pray this is over and that it doesn't happen again for a very very long time.

Not much else is going on around here, we are looking forward to nice days so we can get these kids out of the house. I did manage to get them out for the first time a couple of weeks ago for some fresh air. Here are a couple shots from that as well as some randoms from the last couple of weeks. Can you believe they are only 2 months shy of their 1st birthday, CRAZY!!

Ethan, Addie, and Cooper


Sam(not sure why it's sideways)








Addie and Ethan playing in their new tub!

Sam's first attempt at a biter biscuit.



Tuesday, March 3, 2009

9 Month Checkup!!

The babies hit 9 month's on February 27th. They had their checkup Tuesday morning and all checked out fabulous, in fact they are all caught up developmentally(other than their length). It was just as hectic this time as any other getting them ready, I'm not sure if and when that gets easier. They are all getting so big so fast and can you believe in 3 short months they will be ONE!!!!!

Not much to report on Cooper. He is doing all of the normal stuff, has 6 teeth, and no health issues. He weighed in today at 19lbs 4ozs, 25th percentile.

Sam is Sam!!! My feisty little red head. He has 2 teeth and other than daily Neb treatments to prevent wheezing, he is great. He weighs 19lbs 9ozs, 25th percentile.

Ethan is of course our chunker. He is perfectly healthy and has 5 teeth. Unfortunately he will still most likely have to be recircumcised, that dang fat pouch!! He weighs 21lbs 12oz, 75th percentile.

And then there is Addie. Crazy little Addie is everywhere. If she wants it she gets it. She is crawling and pulling herself up to her feet but has no teeth. She weighs 18lbs 7ozs, 10th percentile. She has come quite far from her 2lbs 14oz birth weight.

Next week we go for their 6 month corrected age eye exam, we are only about a month and a half behind, OOPS!!! Hopefully all checks out and we can sail through this spring with no illnesses. Be back soon......