Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So it's been a while, what's new right?

All 5 kiddos have had their checkups this month. The babies had their 15 month in the beginning of September and Colin had his 5 year today. The babies have all caught up developmentally and in some areas have even surpassed some milestones. They are all on the chart for their weight and height, and their head circumference is close to if not off the charts. I'm not sure if that means big brains or just big heads but it sounds fantastic either way!

Colin - 46 pounds and 45 1/4 inches, 75th-90th percentile on both. The Doc gave him a clean bill of health. He passed both his hearing and vision screenings and got 5 shots!! I must say he was a trooper, so I took him out to dinner at Red Robin afterward for some good 1 on 1 time.

Cooper - 22lbs 15oz, 25th % and 30 1/2 inches, 28%. All is well with Coop other than we have to meet with a urologist. Most likely he will need to be re circumcised. I know, it could be worse, but it's still sad:( Cooper loves to sit on a lap and watch PBS shows as long as you let him. He is so sweet and quite a cuddler. He is climbing on the couch now and it kind of drives us crazy but he is getting better about sitting and not constantly trying to take nose dives.

Sam - 22lbs 8oz, 20% and 31 inches, 42%. No news is good news for little Sammy. He sure is one feisty little toy stealer, and he loves to bite, but he is healthy! He can be lovey, but a lot of the time he is throwing a fit or pulling another kid down. He never gives up!

Ethan - 23lbs 12oz, 37% and 31 1/2 inches, 59%. Poor little Ethan. We have learned a few things about him. He will need to see the Urologist as well and he is getting ear tubes next Thursday. The biggest kicker is he has an egg allergy. I still need to make an appointment with the allergist so all I know for now is he can't have the MMR vaccine or flu shot because they both contain egg. Ethan LOVES to give kisses. All day long he wants to sit on my lap and give kisses. He gets very jealous when someone else is getting attention. I hope he will learn at some point that he needs to share the attention.

Addison - 21lbs 12oz, 12% and 29 1/4 inches, 5%. Again, no news is good news! What a funny little girl we have on our hands. She loves to dance and babble. She is talking all day long about who knows what. She loves to be held and is also climbing on the couch. I'm sure many of you figured that due to the fact that she's been climbing for months. The problem with the couch is she is trying to get to the other side which involves flipping and landing on her head. This has only happened once, that I am aware of.

All in all, everything is good here. I'm praying we have a decent winter with the least amount of illnesses as possible. It's hard to believe it's already October!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's Different About Colin??

My big man lost his FIRST tooth!!!! I think I might be more excited that him, is that weird? Colin normally falls along the line of a scaredy cat but not tonight. I said "Colin, can I pull out your tooth?" he said, "Sure". I thought, really???? So I tried but was to afraid I would hurt him so I let him try. Sure enough he gave it a little twist and out it came!! He was pretty excited so we made our rounds on the telephone. The tooth is now safely placed under his pillow so we shall see what the tooth fairy may bring:)