Thursday, December 18, 2008

Check Our Our New Kitchen Table!!!!

Our kitchen is so small that we had to get rid of our original table to make room for the QUAD TABLE. The babies love their new table. They sit and watch me play on the computer, watch me make their bottles, they laugh at each other, anything but eat because they are still a bit to wobbly to eat from a spoon without the head support from the bouncy seats. Colin also loves to sit at it and do workbooks, color, and of course eat. So far I have no complaints and think it will be much easier than 4 highchairs, especially when it comes to cleaning. Don't mind the blank stares on their faces, the 3 boys were sick.

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Pics.....

Ethan and Sam at the Doctor
Ethan getting a breathing treatment
Sam getting a breathing treatment
Addie wearing her new bow(she looks like a mouse)
Addie looking pretty!
Coop (awake)
Coop (asleep)
Colin and Mommy at his Christmas Program
Colin looking Handsome!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

RSV, Ear Infections, and Teeth!!!!

I know in my last post I had explained that the kids were sick, boy are they sick. It all began with a simple cold that Colin must have got at school. The babies slowly started to get runny noses 1 at a time. Two Tuesday's ago, at their 6 month checkup, I had the Doc listen to Colin because of his horrendous cough. It was then that he decided he had Pneumonia or bronchitis and prescribed an antibiotic.
Things were going fine until for some reason Colin started acting completely out of control and we thought he had taken something. We didn't know how else to explain his behavior. I decided to take Colin in to the Doctor and brought Sam with me because he had also developed a horrible cough and was wheezing. Before I knew it we were giving breathing treatments and getting chest x-rays. We were told it was Pneumonia and sent home with a nebulizer and antibiotics.
Throughout the weekend Cooper and Ethan started to cough and wheeze so back to the Doctor we went. All three baby boys were examined and swabbed for RSV and no surprise to me it was POSITIVE. Cooper and Ethan also have an ear infection. Just when I thought things were under control, Colin started vomiting. At about 3:00am Friday morning he woke up crying and threw up everywhere. It continued for about 12 hours and he has been OK today.
Addison is the only one who has not been infected but she is well on her way. Yesterday she started coughing pretty bad and has a fresh runny nose. Colin finished his breathing treatments and antibiotics so we now have 3 babies on breathing treatments every 4 hours and antibiotics 2X's a day. When you add in the prevacid for Cooper twice a day and Colin's ear drops, we are a regular drug factory. The babies have been given 2 synegis shots to prevent RSV but it clearly doesn't work. All in all we are doing OK, just crazy busy. I went back to work a couple of weeks ago and Casey is out of town until Christmas, so the family, mainly my mother, have done more than their fair share to help out. To those of you who are trying to prevent RSV I wish you the best of luck, it is no fun but it could definitely be worse.
In other news, Coop's got 2 teeth. His are the first and only to break through. He is doing surprisingly well considering all the crud he has going on.
Thursday was Colin's Christmas show at school and he did great except for the fact that he continued to run to me after each and every song to give me a hug and a kiss. You may think it sounds cute, but when all of the other kids are perfect, it is kind of embarrassing.
I will get the recent pics up as soon as I get time. Until then, I hope everyone is happy and healthy this holiday season!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hello Everyone! It has been a while since my last post. We have all been busy with the holiday, Casey going out of town again, I unfortunately went back to work, and of course all of the kids are sick. There is a lot to report so read on if you wish.

For starters, we have started spoon feeding rice cereal to Ethan and Sam. They do pretty well and seem to enjoy it. Cooper and Addison have not seemed to need the additional food quite yet so we are introducing one child at a time.

Colin came down with a cold before Thanksgiving and gave it to all of the babies. They all sound horrible, we were even wondering if a couple of them had croup. As they are getting better, Colin is getting worse. He started running a fever Saturday and has crackles in his chest. We saw the Doctor today and he thinks he has bronchitis or pneumonia. He didn't want to order a chest x-ray because they are both treated with the same antibiotics. Hopefully he gets better and the babies don't get worse. Here is Sam looking his finest......
Happy late Thanksgiving to everyone, we hope you all had a wonderful holiday. All of the kids were to sick to join in the festivities but I still had to dress them in their cute little outfits and take some pics of their first Thanksgiving. Casey and I were able to celebrate with our families but not with each other. I stayed home with the kids while he went to his parents and then he stayed home so I could go to mine. It was actually great to stuff myself this year with one meal instead of holding back for two!!

Addison Cooper Ethan Sam

Cooper, Ethan, Addie, Sam


Casey is in LA until tomorrow night and then back to New Jersey on Thursday. He will be gone until Christmas this time. Colin really misses him and is always asking "When will daddy be home?" We are counting down the days together and with some help from family we are getting through the chaos.

The babies had their 6 month checkup today and are all doing great. I cannot believe they are already 6 months old. They got the normal shots, they don't like those so much, and the routine exam. I am excited that the Doc switched all of them to similac with iron so no more expensive neosure. I use the target brand and it cuts the cost by more than half. They are getting so big, they are all on the charts for height and weight. Ethan leads the pack and is a whopping 18lbs 5oz's, next is Sam with 16lbs 5oz's, Cooper is 16lbs 1oz, and little Addie, 5 times her birth weight, at 14lbs 5oz's. I haven't uploaded the pictures from the Doc yet so I am sure in another month or so I will get them on here.

I hope all is well with you and your families. Happy Holidays, until next time...............

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween - Finally!!!

Better late than never, I guess. This year, like every other year, for Halloween we went to my brother and sister-in-laws house. It was just a bit more chaotic than usual. This was the first one with all 7 kids(our5 and my niece and nephew). Everyone looked so cute but it was a rush to take pictures. All Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents trying to find a spot to take a picture at the same time everyone else is taking a picture and of course the kids are never looking at your camera, you know how it goes. I tend to get a little flustered in these situations and get kind of crabby but all in all it was a great night. I had originally just bought sleepers for the babies but then I found some cute little pea pods and thought they were just to perfect. Colin had to be Mario, he is obsessed with the video games. He was so cute and had so much fun.
Sam, Addison, Cooper, Ethan

Sam and Ethan


Cody, Colin, Remy

Addison, Cooper, Ethan, Sam

Ethan, Addison, Sam, Cooper

Casey and went to our friends annual Halloween party on November 1st. It was a Saturday Night Live themed party and we had to be none other than the SPARTANS!! Casey's brother was Robert Goulet and our very good friends, Chris and LeAnna were the cone heads. It was a great time. Enjoy the pics, until next time............

Monday, October 27, 2008

Walker 5 Update!

Colin had another field trip this week. We went to Daniel's Pumpkin Patch. It was the first time we had ever been there and it was so much fun. I was again responsible for 3 boys and the entire time all I could do was think how and the heck I could keep track of all 5 of my children when I could barely keep track of 3. It is definitely an eye opener! The babies are 5 months old today! I can't believe how incredibly fast the first 5 months have been. They have been so much fun and such great babies. I guess God thought that because he was giving us such a large responsibility, he should make it just a tad bit easier. All 4 have been not only sleeping through the night since 13 weeks, but they sleep for like 10 and 1/2 hours. Sometimes I even have to wake them up at 9AM. They are only eating 4 times a day, so we don't feel like we are feeding all day long. They are getting so big, I think Ethan is up to 17lbs by now, and they have such different personalities. They are all laughing and little Addie rolled over yesterday for the first time. She is the first to roll over and she rolled from back to front.

Thanks to everyone that has helped us make it this far, we could not do this without you. Here are some new pics, enjoy, until next time..................
Cooper, Sam, Ethan, and Addison Ethan and Addison Ethan
Cooper, Sam, and Ethan
Cooper Addison