Tuesday, January 27, 2009

8 Months and Sitting!!

Happy 8 months to my beautiful babies. Wow has it flown by. Everyone is doing great, other than the winter illnesses. Coop and Ethan each have 2 teeth, still waiting on Sam and Addie's to break through. Each and every one of them have hit there developmental milestone's to date and are, as of this week, sitting. Ethan and Addie can sit independently for minutes at a time and Sam and Coop make it anywhere from a couple of seconds to MAYBE a minute. They get so excited they tip over. Here are a few shots from today SITTING, yeah!!!!!!!!!!






Well my trip to New Jersey/New York was a great time. I made it home safe and sound Sunday night around 10:30PM. The house was empty and extremely quiet, it was honestly nice. I was able to settle back in and catch up on some things before all of the kids made it back on Monday.

It was sooooo nice to see Casey. I knew I missed him, but it really hit me when I got there, and it was so sad when I had to leave. I went with the drummer, Chad, and his girlfriend Ashleigh. Chad was able to come home for a couple of days because he was done recording. When we arrived we took a taxi to Penn Station, then 2 trains to New Jersey. I could never do that on a daily basis, it was CRAZY!! I had been there once before but it was 11 years ago so I didn't remember the craziness. We went to the studio where I was able to meet all of the people they had been working with over the past months, and see Casey in action. Everyone was so nice and it was such an interesting experience.

All we did the first couple of days is hang around the studio, visit a local mall, and hang out at the hotel. For some strange reason everything shuts down in New Jersey on Sundays except the movie theatre so we saved Sunday for NYC. We walked around for hours, ate lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, and visited the famous Magnolia Bakery(Katie Holmes gets her cupcakes there). They were OK but nothing to walk hours for. There was a line out of the door. There was a lady letting so many in at one time. You grabbed your box, picked your cupcakes, paid, and then were shoved out the door so the next group could come in. After Magnolia it was time to go so we caught a cab and headed for the airport. Did I mention we flew first class? It was great. Not only did we board first, we got free drinks, A full meal, dessert, nuts, and a large seat with plenty of arm room. It was fabulous!!!

The kids are all home now and feeling a little better. Sam still sounds nasty and him and Ethan are still on meds and breathing treatments, but they are getting better everyday. I hope you all had a safe and germ free weekend, time for bed, goodnight!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sick Again..

Hello all!! I made it to New Jersey to visit Casey for the weekend. Things are going great here, a nice break from life back home. Unfortunately things are not going as well for the kids and my parents. As most of you know I posted last about how I was coming down with a bug and prayed the kids could stay healthy. I guess my prayers were not strong enough because my Mom and Dad had Sam and Ethan at the Doctor this morning. Both of them have ear infections, possibly double, due to the wax build up in their other ear, he couldn't confirm. Another round of Antibiotics for both of them. Little Sammy is wheezing again so he not only gets breathing treatments every 4 hours but he also gets steroids because this is the second time he has been in wheezing this winter. I think they are wondering if some of it could be asthmatic. Ethan also gets a breathing treatment 3-4 times a day. Addison and Cooper are holding strong with my brother and sister in law, just a couple of runny noses.
I know it is good to get a break every once in a while, and it's wonderful I have such a great and helpful family, but I can't help but feel extremely guilty that I am not home with my sick babies. I know they are in great hands but I miss them and wish I could be there to hold them. Please pray for another speedy recovery, this winter could not be over soon enough. I will post more about my trip later, have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Updates and Pictures

Christmas Eve
Cooper, Sam, Ethan, and Addison
Well things have finally settled down here, I thought. We were all feeling better, no ear infections, vomiting, RSV, colds and coughs, or fevers. Yesterday I could feel it starting in my sinuses, this morning in my throat, and now in my chest. I am so incredibly tired of sickness I could scream!!!!!!! I have washed my hands on so many occasions that they are cracked, chapped, and bleeding. Tonight they are covered in aquaphor and covered in latex gloves. I pray that this can be contained, but things aren't looking so swell considering Colin has a runny nose and is sneezing. Pray for some speedy recovery's.

The babies are all doing well. They had their third synegis shot last weekend, even though 3 of them have already had RSV, they continue to get the shots throughout the season. Nursing Specialties is so great that they send a nurse to the house so we don't have to drag the babies out into the cold. They were weighed again and are growing so quickly.

Cooper weighed in at 17lbs 3ozs. He is always so laid back, until he gets hungry or tired and then he lets you know. He has two teeth and tolerates it pretty well, nothing a little Tylenol can't fix every once in a while.

Sam weighed 17lbs 10ozs. Sam is one funny guy who loves to talk to himself and loves to jump. Put him in a jumper and he goes to town. No teeth yet, just tons of drool and biting.

Ethan, aka chunky monkey, was a whopping 20lbs. Ethan got his first tooth Sunday. He isn't horrible but tends to get a bit more fussy than Coop. Ethan also loves to jump, but is pretty much happy all of the time doing anything. My mother swears he says dadada but I am yet to hear it.

Little Addison weighed 16lbs, quite a jump from her 2lbs 14ozs at birth. She is so sweet and happy. She has started to scoot, almost crawl. She wants something she goes for it, no matter how great the distance. Gotta watch that girl. No teeth but also alot of biting.

Colin is Colin. Still crazy, cute, funny, happy, sad, spoiled, etc. That is alot of things I know, but he is a 4 year old boy trying to handle many different changes in his life. 4 new babies, people in and out all of the time, school, and of course daddy being gone most of the time. He actually handles it quite well for the most part.

Casey is well in New Jersey. He will be there until the 1st of Feb. This is the last of the Jersey trips for a while because the album will finally be done. Warner Brothers flew them to LA at the beginning of the month for their first signed band photo shoot. I haven't seen the pictures yet but heard it went well. I get to fly there next weekend to check things out and hang with my hubby for a weekend. It should be a nice, but quick, little getaway.

I still have alot of shots I would like to share from the month of Dec. So when the time is there, they will be here. Time for bed, gotta work tomorrow. Take care, until next time..........................

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Few Christmas Shots

I have a ton of pictures I want to share with all of you so I am going to do a few at a time. I thought I would start with our Christmas card shot and of course the family shot. Yes we are all in matching PJ's and we thought we were the coolest. We didn't tell anyone we just showed up to our families houses on Christmas and they all got a kick out of it. If anyone else is interested we got the adult ones at childrensplace.com. There will be more to follow soon so check back. Oh and for those who have asked and wished great things for Colin, the Mono tests were negative!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello all, I know it has been a while since my last post and I have had some requests for some new pictures. I am a bit behind as I have not even posted Christmas pics. I wish you all a very late merry Christmas and hope you all had a wonderful New Year. We have been pretty busy since Christmas with Casey leaving again and taking Colin to and from the Doctor. They now believe he has Mono, we are waiting for the results. I promise to get some new pics up as soon as I can. For those of you who have asked, the babies are much much better, thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. Check back soon!