Thursday, January 15, 2009

Updates and Pictures

Christmas Eve
Cooper, Sam, Ethan, and Addison
Well things have finally settled down here, I thought. We were all feeling better, no ear infections, vomiting, RSV, colds and coughs, or fevers. Yesterday I could feel it starting in my sinuses, this morning in my throat, and now in my chest. I am so incredibly tired of sickness I could scream!!!!!!! I have washed my hands on so many occasions that they are cracked, chapped, and bleeding. Tonight they are covered in aquaphor and covered in latex gloves. I pray that this can be contained, but things aren't looking so swell considering Colin has a runny nose and is sneezing. Pray for some speedy recovery's.

The babies are all doing well. They had their third synegis shot last weekend, even though 3 of them have already had RSV, they continue to get the shots throughout the season. Nursing Specialties is so great that they send a nurse to the house so we don't have to drag the babies out into the cold. They were weighed again and are growing so quickly.

Cooper weighed in at 17lbs 3ozs. He is always so laid back, until he gets hungry or tired and then he lets you know. He has two teeth and tolerates it pretty well, nothing a little Tylenol can't fix every once in a while.

Sam weighed 17lbs 10ozs. Sam is one funny guy who loves to talk to himself and loves to jump. Put him in a jumper and he goes to town. No teeth yet, just tons of drool and biting.

Ethan, aka chunky monkey, was a whopping 20lbs. Ethan got his first tooth Sunday. He isn't horrible but tends to get a bit more fussy than Coop. Ethan also loves to jump, but is pretty much happy all of the time doing anything. My mother swears he says dadada but I am yet to hear it.

Little Addison weighed 16lbs, quite a jump from her 2lbs 14ozs at birth. She is so sweet and happy. She has started to scoot, almost crawl. She wants something she goes for it, no matter how great the distance. Gotta watch that girl. No teeth but also alot of biting.

Colin is Colin. Still crazy, cute, funny, happy, sad, spoiled, etc. That is alot of things I know, but he is a 4 year old boy trying to handle many different changes in his life. 4 new babies, people in and out all of the time, school, and of course daddy being gone most of the time. He actually handles it quite well for the most part.

Casey is well in New Jersey. He will be there until the 1st of Feb. This is the last of the Jersey trips for a while because the album will finally be done. Warner Brothers flew them to LA at the beginning of the month for their first signed band photo shoot. I haven't seen the pictures yet but heard it went well. I get to fly there next weekend to check things out and hang with my hubby for a weekend. It should be a nice, but quick, little getaway.

I still have alot of shots I would like to share from the month of Dec. So when the time is there, they will be here. Time for bed, gotta work tomorrow. Take care, until next time..........................


jag said...

I'm so sorry you're fighting illness! Praying you get well soon. I also wanted to tell you that I love the Christmas jamies! Can't believe you found some for mom and dad too!

Cochran Quads said...

They are precious! Hope you get well soon!

Charity Donovan said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Synagis needs to do it's thing for you guys so you can ALL get well! Yell if you need ANYTHING....I MEAN IT!!!!! huuuugggs!