Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cards or Cubs????

CARDS!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Jenna Walker:)
This past Friday night 11 of us went to the Cards/Cubs game. It was a great time, and of course they won!! Colin had a blast, it was his first Cardinal game. He tried last season but the game was rained out. Colin had to take care of Peter the Penguin all weekend for school. We had to take him everywhere we went and take pictures for Peter's journal. Here are a few shots from the night.


Cochran Quads said...

It was just an off night for the Cubs!! I'm with Jenna, CUBS Rule, Cardinals Drool!!! It looks like so much fun!

jag said...

Aw man! It does look like a great time though! GREAT pictures! I'll have to share this "sweet" post with Ryan later!

Fulton Quads said...

Years ago I remember being in Chicago for a Cubs/Cards game. I remember the rivalry between those two teams! Amazing energy in the air that day! WOW! Those were the days! Now the only baseball I see is on TV! LOL! We rooted for the Cubs that day. For the record my team is actually the Marlins. I'm a Floridian so what do you expect! LOL! Glad you all had a blast!
Love, Cathy & the quads

Charity Donovan said...