Tuesday, March 3, 2009

9 Month Checkup!!

The babies hit 9 month's on February 27th. They had their checkup Tuesday morning and all checked out fabulous, in fact they are all caught up developmentally(other than their length). It was just as hectic this time as any other getting them ready, I'm not sure if and when that gets easier. They are all getting so big so fast and can you believe in 3 short months they will be ONE!!!!!

Not much to report on Cooper. He is doing all of the normal stuff, has 6 teeth, and no health issues. He weighed in today at 19lbs 4ozs, 25th percentile.

Sam is Sam!!! My feisty little red head. He has 2 teeth and other than daily Neb treatments to prevent wheezing, he is great. He weighs 19lbs 9ozs, 25th percentile.

Ethan is of course our chunker. He is perfectly healthy and has 5 teeth. Unfortunately he will still most likely have to be recircumcised, that dang fat pouch!! He weighs 21lbs 12oz, 75th percentile.

And then there is Addie. Crazy little Addie is everywhere. If she wants it she gets it. She is crawling and pulling herself up to her feet but has no teeth. She weighs 18lbs 7ozs, 10th percentile. She has come quite far from her 2lbs 14oz birth weight.

Next week we go for their 6 month corrected age eye exam, we are only about a month and a half behind, OOPS!!! Hopefully all checks out and we can sail through this spring with no illnesses. Be back soon......


Chrissie said...

The babies are just gorgeous and look very healthy. You all have come a long way since those tiny birth weights. Way to Grow gang. Love all the pictures you can tell they are so happy and loved. Great reports.

Cochran Quads said...

They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Good job Mom and Dad!

Fulton Quads said...

They are ADORABLE! I cannot believe they are 9 months old already! WOW! You are doing a good job momma!

Love, CAthy & the quads

Anonymous said...

Your kids should be models!! Those smiles!!! GREAT WEIGHTS!! So jealous, they are bigger than my 14month olds, whats your secret!!!

uncle ben said...

you two sure make good looking offspring!!

Misty said...

THey are gorgeous! I agree, they should model!
You are doing an awesoem job mama!