Saturday, August 30, 2008

Picture Perfect!!

So today we went to sears to have the first professional pictures taken of the kiddos. It was CRAZY!! This was the first time I had ever attempted to take all 5 kids out together. Thank God my mother, sister, and friend were all there to help. Colin got his pictures taken while we changed all of the babies then we did the group shots, just the babies, and then individual shots of the babies. By the time we were completely done, picking out the pictures and everything, we had been there for FOUR HOURS!! Colin was crying because he had no nap, the babies were screaming, and Cooper had thrown up all over my friend Carra. I love the pictures, but if I had to do this more than once a year I would go insane. Here are a few shots, I hope you enjoy.


Misty said...

THe pictures are beautiful! Good choices. I do feel your pain about getting all of the pictures done, just wait till they can "wiggle", then the fun really begins!
Are the milk maids still working out?

Arnold Quads said...

I just found your blog today. Your babies are beautiful. Congrats! I love the pics. I had GGBG Quads 1 yr ago and I wish I would have known about those bottle holders. Those are great. oh well. So cute.


jag said...

Your Walkers are so cute! Thanks for the post on our blog. Love to make new quad friends.

Jim and Chrissy said...

Your babies are beautiful. I'm a fellow MOMMES member. I 'only' have GBG triplets though, and also an almost 3 year old daughter. Looks like things are going good. I love reading blogs, so I'll make sure I bookmark it. Maybe we'll meet sometime at a MOMMES event.

Chrissy Clauser
Alli (2) Jenna, Jimmy, Cassie (10 mos)

Sarah said...

Beth, it was great to run into you tonight. Carra has kept me updated on the babies. I can't stress how awesome you looked!

The babies and Colin are adorable. Colin looks just like his daddy, and I LOVE his hair. You have been blessed with beautiful children and I'm glad things are going so well for you. Take care.

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