Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to the Begining

For those of you who don't know, On May 27th 2008, Casey and I brought 4 new bundles of joy into our lives. Our family of 3 very quickly turned to 7. The pregnancy was some what difficult, as any pregnancy would be with multiples, but the delivery was flawless. St. Mary's was awesome. The entire staff of doctors and nurses were incredible, you kind of have to be to put up with me for that long. I was 33 weeks and 1 day gestation and had all I could handle. So after 10 weeks of bed rest and a lot of medications we welcomed the tiny clan.

Cooper Alan - 3 lbs-12 ozs

Samuel Ray - 3 lbs-2 ozs

Ethan Michael - 4 lbs-8 ozs

Addison Marie - 2 lbs-14 ozs


K Massman said...

Love the blog! You are amazing parents to five beautiful kiddos. Miss you, Kerry

Sweety Cassidy said...

wouahh 33 weeks !! you did a great job !!

3 good eggs said...


I was in the NICU when you were wheeled in. I was the one with the 2 year old triplets visiting the nurses. I spoke to your husband and your Mom.

Its great to see the babes doing so well.

I found your link through Charity's blog. Glad that you met up with her, she is awesome!