Thursday, July 1, 2010

Holy Momcation!

16 Best Friends
Front (left to right)
Back (left to right)

mom·ca·tion [mom-key-shuhn]
- noun

1. a period of suspension of all mommy duties,usually used for rest, recreation, or travel;recess or holiday: 16 moms of Quadruplets met in Austin, Texas for a 5 daymomcation.

a part of the year, regularly set aside, whennormal activities of wiping bottoms, administering time outs and referring to yourself in the third person are put aside

freedom or release from preschool activities

an act or instance of vacating with 15 best friends who are collectively called mom by 67 children

Quad Mommas 2010

We, as always, had the time of our lives and encourage all of you ladies to do the same. When you have unconditional friendships like these, life is so much sweeter. We can't wait for next year!


King Quads said...

Beth- You took me by surprise and I loved every second of it. You are AWESOME.

Love you!

QuatroMama said...

It must have been a GRAND time! Sooooo glad you all had this opportunity. You look fantastic, by the way! =)


Charity Donovan said...

Roooooomie! This trip was a blast & I cannot wait for your birthday!!! Love you so much girl! M.C. Germie is in the hizzzzzouse! Great night...great, great night! Love you!!!

jag said...

OHMYGOSH! You, my dear are the life of the party! I still can't believe I fronted like I could "flow" after listening to your amazing rap stylings! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

AWWW i see how it is, if someone else writes it, then you blog :)
Beth, i love you so much and you konw this. I still cant believe i got up on the mic with you and "rapped". i dont hold a candle to your musical talent but will devour any opportunity to have a blast with you! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH! See you soon ;)

Kelly Trullinger said...

I love you Beth! I don't know how anyone can't. Casey is one lucky man! You have an amazing voice, and you are as funny as ... well, funny! There is no word to describe it! You make people laugh...that is magic! Love you and miss you! Do you think you could make a trip to my house and make me laugh right now? MISS YOU!

The McNulty Family said...


Oh girl, you have more talent in your pinky than I have in my entire body. Those Walker kiddos have some seriously awesome genes! Daddy's not the only rock star in the family!!!!!

My favorite part of the weekend was watching you on stage.... OR.. maybe it was singing Disney tunes at the top of our lungs... it's a toss up.

All I know is I can NEVER get enough of you Germie!!! Hope you can take a trip to Nor Cal and we can see Cavo together SOON!!!

I love you!

Jac Tubre said...

B-Flow, Rapper Chick, Germie...

You are such a blast to be around. I can't get over how outgoing and downright freakin fun you are girl! Love you you blonde beauty!


Emily said...

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