Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Long Time No Post...........

So it has been almost a month since my last post and I feel like I have alot to report. We have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks and I have a few minutes to spare so here it goes....

For starters, Colin started soccer in the beginning of September and he loves it. He plays at vetta sports once a week for 8 weeks. It is more of an introductory level so the concentration is more on listening and hand eye coordination than soccer. When he turns 5 is when he actually gets to play a real game. He is such a little soccer stud, check him out...

I went on my first field trip with Colin. My mother went to almost every field trip I had and I loved it. I was so excited to ride the bus and learn their silly songs, we had so much fun. We went apple picking and I was responsible for 3 boys. We all picked our apples and the boys ate them as we walked. Colin kept asking me to make apple pie but lets face it, if it is not cupcakes, cookies, or grilled cheese I don't know how to make it. Here are a few shots of Colin with his friends...

My nephew Cody turned 6 on September 14th and we all got out of the house for a while to help him celebrate. We all had a great time at his party and he got so many great gifts. He loves Indiana Jones, Batman, and Hot Wheels. Here is a shot of the hot wheel track we got him and a picture of Colin with Cody and Remy...

That same night when we got home, Casey got home from New Jersey. Colin was so excited to see him. His reaction reminded me of how he acted when I finally came home after 10 weeks in the hospital/bed rest at my mom's. He was so cute it brought many tears to my eyes. Little does he know that he is getting ready to leave for another 7-8 weeks. Oh well, we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

I attended my first MOMMES re-sale a couple Fridays ago and it was so nice to see and meet other mothers of multiples. I met Charity Donovan, my mentor, and she was super nice. Her quads had so much formula she gave me 4 CASES!! For those of you who do not know that is 24 cans of formula which saved me about $360.00 Not to shabby if you ask me. I can't wait until I can do more things with the group.

Colin had his 4 year checkup only 2 months late. He weighs in at 40.5 pounds and 43 inches. Everything else is great with him other than, what I hope to be, the normal 4 year old stuff.

The babies had their 4 month checkup as well and we are very pleased with their catch-up growth. They each got 4 shots and a vaccine for Rota Virus. They were so mad and so loud I could not wait to get them out of the office.

-Cooper weighs 13.6 and falls into the 25th percentile. His reflux meds were finally changed to Prevacid because the zantac was just not cutting it.

-Sam also weighs 13.6 and falls into the 25th percentile. The Doc changed his meds just to make life easier, so now they are both on prevacid.

-Ethan weighs 15.12 and is in the 75th percentile. He is our chunky monkey. All of us came down with a cold about a week ago and did not realize he had an ear infection from it, so now he is on antibiotics. The poor thing will most likely have to be re circumcised at one year of age because his was not done properly. OUCH!!! We also get to change his formula to the regular stuff because of his weight. It is so much cheaper then the preemie stuff so that is a big bonus.

-Addison weighs 11.15 and is drug free! She falls into the 10-15th percentile and is growing well. Not much else to report on her, she is doing wonderful.

All in all it was a good appt. Here are a few shots of the kiddos before they got jabbed with needles...

And finally, The babies were Baptized Sunday and they looked so precious in there little outfits. It was a crazy morning getting in 7 baths, feedings, packing the car, blah blah blah..... but we made it on time and it went off without a hitch. Everyone came back to our house for a little celebration and it was a great time. Here are a few family shots...

Aunt Jenny and Uncle Ryan with Ethan

Aunt Sonja and Uncle Ben with Addison

Uncle Mike and Aunt Sonja with Sam

Aunt Jenny and Uncle Andy with Cooper

Well that about does it for now, until next time................


Moni Graf said...

Oh my gosh....the CHUNK on those babies! Those are some great weights.
I just have to point out the obvious. Colin has the most adorable smile I've ever seen. He's gonna be quite the heart-breaker.
Thanks for the update!

Love from KS,

p.s. What's the name of your husband's band? Do you have any links to videos of them? Just curious!

Sarah said...

I have to agree with the post above. Colin is gorgeous, and I really think he looks like his mommy. I know I've said it before but I LOVE his hair.

As for the other four - the look like they are doing amazing! They all look just alike, so how on earth do you tell them all apart from each other. I know it might be easier now that they are getting older, and that Ethan out weighs them all.

You amaze me in all that you are doing!

KatolinFamily said...

Hey Beth!

I heard your great news and somehow ran into your blog. Wow! You have such a beautiful family and it is great to see that things are going well for you!

Andrea Lammon Katoiln

barnesquads said...

Hi Beth, it was fun meeting you at the MOMMES resale. I was the other quad mom tht you talked to:) Anyhow, the babies look great! Hope the prevacid works out for the reflux. Can't remember if it's prevacid or prilosec (solutabs) that will NOT work if given within a couple of hours of formula/dairy...tried every proton-pump inhibitor reflux drug with one child. Just an FYI that we learned the hard way...it was the pharmacist that explained this not the ped. Hope we can meet up again soon!
Jamie Barnes

Charity Donovan said...

Hi Beth!
So glad to hear Casey is home! Love the soccer pic of Colin...such a doll! OMG your babies are so flippin' adorable...their sizes are amazing...you are doing such an awesome job! It was so nice to meet you in person! We are moving this weekend & I'll have more formula for you so I'll be in touch!!! Yeaah...for a smooth baptism...that day WAS so much work for us as well but just seeing them in their little clothes is so worth it!!! Love the pics...keep 'em coming! Tell Casey Steve says Hello...he's been watching their band site to keep up with what is going on. Wishing them & you guys all the best!!!

Your mom is too dang cute!